Wooooooooohoo You’re Bossing Up Like a Queen!

YOUR CROWN IS SHINING LIKE THE NORTH STAR. XOXO you are in the right place, you made the right royal call.
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The future’s so bright you gotta wear shades. Hold your head high with that crown and RULE….

You are NOW registered for the 21-Day Boss Up Like a Queen Summit starting Thursday, November 16th.


Every morning for 21 days starting Monday, March 11th Monday-Friday, you’ll be getting an email from me with a link to that day’s interview. It’s the only place I’ll be sharing that link


1 – DON’T FORGET TO add our summit email to your contacts ASAP so you don’t miss out: jeanne@bossuplikeaqueen.com

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I CANNOT WAIT. I AM COUNTING THE DAYS UNTIL Thursday, November 16th when we launch and BOSS UP!

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We Launch on Monday, March 11th

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Jeanne Marie

Your Boss Up Host —Founder of Supergirlls—and Sister for Life

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